“Work in Progress 7: AUTONOMOUS Design” 26th March, 2019

conditions :

1. Works must be created in the year 2018-2019 in Theme “Autonomous Design” and never be shown in any exhibition before. “Autonomous Design”, the name of this international design symposium, was established about holistic design and innovative design. Creating convenience and happiness for users through their innovative and smart design process

2. Applicants must complete an application form, and responsible for delivering their own works to be considered.

3. Applicants can send up to 5 pieces of works per topic, with complete detail / information. For two dimensional works, size will not exceed 2 x 2 (meters), and three dimensional works, size will not exceed 2x2x2 (meters)

4. Judging panel reserve all rights regarding work selection, exhibition and any form of public presentation.

5. When works officially selected by judging panel, applicants must pay a fee within deadline (non- refundable). See more detail at Here

6. Exhibiting works will be as previous agreement between applicants and organizers, and any deviation from such agreement will not be acceptable. All information sent will not be returned to applicants.

7. Works officially selected by judging panel will be presented in any form of CD-ROM and / or exhibition catalog. Selected applicants will receive certificate when take part in The 7th Rangsit University International Design Symposium "Work in Progress 7 : AUTONOMOUS DESIGN"

Judging Panel :

Artists, Professionals in art and design expertise.

Inviting Artists :

Artists, Professionals in art and design expertise.

Deadlines :

  • Deadline for sending works is March 5, 2019
  • Final decision from the Judging Panel will be on March 11-14, 2019
  • Application form can be downloaded here.

Applicants must follow these instruction :

1. Complete an application and your works information (concept, inspiration etc.) , send your application to Faculty of Art and Design, Khun Ying Patana Building, Rangsit University 52/347 Muang Ake, Paholyothin Road, Lakhok, Phathumthani 12000 Thailand or e-mail to files attached should be either Microsoft Word, .doc or .txt. Your works information should use font - Cordia New 16 point, no more than 6 pages of A4 paper size, leave margin 1 inch on each side.

2. Image files must be .jpg or .tiff - at 300 dpi - size must not exceed 8 inch. Moving image must be MPEG4 on quality DVD.(This is not your actual works, just images sample for Judging Panel.)

3. Applicants must take their own works back in person (after announced schedule).Organizers will not be responsible for any works left beyond deadline on any circumstances.

4. Applicants will be solely responsible for their own works if in case of copyrights violation, and / or any violation of the laws.

Verifications :

1. I confirm that works sent to (name of organizers) are my own creative works, and I allow the organizers to use my works in any form of public presentation.

2. I accept any decision made by judging panel and/or organizers to be final, and I will not contest such decision.

3. I confirm that everything in this application is true.

For more information, please contact

Secretariat Office of College of Design , Khun Ying Patana Building, Rangsit University

TEL : +66 02-9972222 # 3631

FAX : +66 02-9972222 # 3567

E-mail :


College of Design , Rangsit University 52/347 Muang Ake, Paholyothin Rd., Lakhok, Pathumtani 12000 Thailand