The 5th Rangsit University International Design Symposium
"Work in Progress 5: Design Spectrum" 28th April, 2017

Executive Committee

Associate Professor Dr. Tan Jeanne , Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hongkong Polytechnic University, Hongkong.

Franyo Aatoth Artist creator of exceptional graphic works. France.

Geri Forkner, Textile Artist, USA.

Sridhar Ryalie, Design Researcher, India.

Ms. Taeko Isu, Art Director / Design unit “NNNNY” member, Japan.

Mr.Mirko Martin, Artist, Germany.

Professor Vichoke Mukdamanee, National Artist.

Assosiate Professor Kamol Phaosavasdi, Chulalongkorn University.

Assosiate Professor Sone Simatrang, Silpakorn University.

Assosiate Professor Pisprapai Sarasalin, Dean, Faculty of Art and Design, Rangsit University.

Somchai Jongsaeng, Silpathon Award in Design.

Jitsing Somboon, Head of Designer, Greyhound.

As designers we craft, make, and invent physical object, spaces, and visual images to cultivate a quality of life. Design is not an isolated object of beauty, but an integral part of everyday life. We have seen that design can be a powerful force that changes the way of life, behavior, culture, education, way of communication, and our perception of the world. The motivations behind what we design are very critical. Our questions, assumptions, experiments, and solutions have proven that design can improve lives and find powerful solutions for man and his environment. Our efforts have been successful, but there is still much more.

We are re-learning, re-questioning, re-thinking, and will continue to re-invent our word with different design approaches that bring together technology, sustainability, crafts, politics, businesses, and much more. We have questions that we are pursuing and ideas that we are experimenting with to create changes. We believe that a designer’s work in progress should fight for good design.

The 5th Rangsit University International Design Symposium entitled “ Design Spectrum” is held under the collaboration of Rangsit University National and International Research Conference, the Faculty of Art and Design, the Faculty of Digital Art and the Council of Fine and Applied Arts Deans of Thailand, Our committee and participants are composed of professionals and academics from 9 countries - Thailand, Japan, India, China Hong Kong, The Netherlands , Germany, Spain, France, and the United States of America.

“Spectrum”, principally, a design created with elements including line, shape, color, value and texture that are put together using principles of unity, variety, emphasis, balance and scale. Scientifically, spectrum is defined as a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary, without steps, across a continuum. Design spectrum in our sense refers to a principle of design varieties that contributes to a way to combine the visual elements to achieve elaborate and complex relationships in different angles. It reflects the varieties and diversity of the shape, space, color and light, to raise our cultural and socio-economic awareness of this vulnerable world.

Considering the rich and diverse complexity of relationships between design and spectrum, the International Design Symposium will be a platform for participants and valuable guests from various disciplines to further explore and share these research topics.

The Faculty of Art and Design at Rangsit University would like to invite designers, artists, researchers, thinkers, innovators, and makers from various disciplines to join us and share their research, processes, art projects, views and opinions on how the design can change the world.


Taeko Isu Japan Mirko Martin Germany

Michael Beckers Germany Gyula Sagi Germany

Francesca Lima Italy Giuseppe Guerriero Italy

Aatoth Franyo France Geri Forkner U.S.A.

Arta Ajeti U.S.A. Giles Ryder Australia

Philipp Hicker Australia Gabriela Ibarra Hernandez Ecuador

Martin sjoberg Sweden Ou li Pin China

Ling Lin China Leon ( Yu Heng ) China

Fajr Mohamed India Arahmaiani Feisal Indonesia

Professor Vichoke Mukdamanee Thailand Associate Professor Kamol Phaosavasdi Thailand

Associate Professor Sone Simatrang Thailand Somchai Jongsaeng Thailand

Jitsing somboon Thailand Anupong Suttaluk Thailand

Ekachai Somboon Thailand Nijapa Hamilton Thailand

Tonkao Nitasganjananon Thailand Supreeya Suthamtarikul Thailand

Laddawan Sarapat Thailand Lalita Seemontara Thailand

Seksarit Thanaprasittikul Thailand SiripenThananantakit Thailand

Supaporn Attakomon Thailand Dr.Warawan Suwannaphati Thailand

Sukkasam Auyto Thailand Assist.Prof. Surapong Eiampichairit Thailand

Suttichart Sarapaiwanich Thailand Wannaporn Chujitarom Thailand

Natthaphom Trairatthitikan Thailand Thanapon Junkasain Thailand

Vichai Mekkerdchoo Thailand Chaiporn Panichrutiwong Thailand

Dr.Arttawut Changvittaya Thailand Gomesh Karnchanapayap Thailand

Jinabhadr Kantaputra Thailand Vishnunad Katanyuthaveethip Thailand

Assosiate Professor Pakorn Prohmvitak Thailand Hathaichanok Chiengthong Thailand

Pathom Supreeyaporn Thailand Phanas Phokthavi Thailand

Assist.Prof. Sutat Palama Thailand Prinda Setabundhu Thailand

Assist.Prof.Thammasak Aueragsakul Thailand Panot Susuwan Thailand

Anupong Charoenmitr Thailand